Today it's easier than ever before to reach thousands of people in record time—and be happy and stress-free while you do.

What if you spent every day doing what you loved
and making a difference?

What if you couldn't wait to get out of bed every day and go
to "work" where people appreciated your contribution?

What if your message could be heard by thousands of people… while you stayed at home?

That's the life of a Changemaker!

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August 11th at 7:30pm MST
August 12th at 10am MST

Authors, Coaches, & Healers...3 Secrets to Make Your Next $1000
(and help a lot of people!)

  • How to sell your services effortlessly without guilt and fear
  • What 95% of coaches and healers do that drives potential clients away (and they don't even know it)
  • An Easy Online tool to find where your potential clients are already gathering & connect yourself to them
  • The fastest way to host a totally FREE event that shares your knowledge and services in a no-pressure way
  • The best way to ensure clients schedule and re-schedule with you (for more than one session)
  • Stay PURPOSE driven and PEOPLE centered while you grow your business

"I went through Heather's program and was absolutely thrilled with it! She gives concrete,valuable how-tos, along with training on a deeper level. Recently, I used these trainings and sold $33,000. Heather pushed me to open my eyes and see that I was capable of more, and then gave me the system and the tools to start growing my company on a national level. I feel like I have come alive again with a renewed sense of purpose."

–Kim Flynn, CEO of www.fabulous-living.com and www.tutoringconnection.net

"I am just finishing Heather’s 10-Day Changemaker Bootcamp and am thrilled with what I’m already creating as a result of participating in this program. I have the clarity and direction I need to move forward and have been able to identify and move past some of the belief barriers that have kept me from creating the income I desire in my business.  I’m Nisha Riggs with Healthy Mom’s Kitchen and my mission is to help women get in the skinniest pant size of their lives in a healthy and family friendly way!"

–Nisha Riggs, of www.healthymomskitchen.com

"In just two sessions, Heather helped me to identify and break through a false belief that I had been holding on to since I was three. This belief has directed my decision-making and business building and prevented me from receiving the support I need and even allowing me to do my best work. I now feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me, allowing me the freedom to make decisions quicker and remove responsibilities that do not support me. I have even shifted over 50% of my working time to tasks that support ME instead of other people! Thank you Heather, for creating an amazing space to help me grow my self and my business!"

–MaryPat Kavanagh, of www.QueenOfConnections.com


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