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Posted by on Jan 11, 2013

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Posted by on Jan 11, 2013

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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012

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Posted by on Jan 11, 2013

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Recent Posts

God’s Lap…and Marrying the Maker.

I used to be afraid of God because I believed what I was taught–that I needed to follow Him or I’d be punished. One day, I wanted to HAVE MY OWN EXPERIENCE and find out who this guy was in the clouds, running the slot machine of blessings of which I was always a beggar. I really really wanted to KNOW him and when I asked to experience him, I was...

Stop Fitting In. Why We Need You to Be Different

There was once a time in our world where renegades were outlawed. Shot at. Hung. Or burned at the stake. Today, we are so much more civilized, We mostly just talk about them behind their backs and don’t invite them over. People are always telling me that they don’t feel like they fit in, and I’m usually very kind and empathetic. But after the...

Teling the Truth and Making Love to the Moment

My body is melting into a seat at a local cafe in Scottsdale.  I’m 45 minutes away from my home and my office, which currently share the same location.  That’s a lot of movement for one address. These little ‘out of the city’ excursions are my way of easing restlessness when I’ve been working way too much under the same roof. This is a new...

The Biggest Enemy to Your Success is This ONE Thing.

You are free to create whatever you want in your life. Creation is a few very simple steps… (repeated over and over again) DESIRE => INTENTION => ACTION => ACHIEVEMENT When this process is clear and un-obstructed, you can get what you want. You can start a new business and succeed at it. You can set a goal and experience yourself achieving...

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